Night 27, The Strangers

31 Nights of Horror, Night 27: The Strangers


Three sentence review:

The first 15 minutes of The Strangers are so unnecessary and boring – blah, blah she said no, where will your relationship go, blah, blah.  The next 20 minutes are some of the best scenes in horror history and feature an incredible use of sound as a scare tactic; I can’t listen to Gillian Welch’s “My First Lover” without getting A LITTLE creeped out.  I will continue re-watching The Strangers just for those 20 minutes, but the rest of the movie just makes me constantly question how the intruders can magically disappear in 0.5 seconds without a trace?

Because you were home,


P.S. – apparently there’s a sequel in the works.


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2 thoughts on “Night 27, The Strangers”

  1. Aside from the slow opening and starring Liv Tyler, The Strangers is Halloween staple for me. The middle 20-30 minutes of the movie are so disturbing and really sets the bar high for the home invasion genre

  2. I completely agree, Michael. I remember sitting in the movie theater (Village of Sandhill in Columbia!) totally on the edge of my seat and thinking “this is something really scary and special” during those scenes. Definitely a staple.

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