Quick Review: Hemlock Grove

I highly recommend that you pick any upcoming weekend or free time to binge REAL HARD on Eli Roth’s insanely addictive horror series “Hemlock Grove”. Available on Netflix, Hemlock Grove is a town shrouded in mystery and a twisted past. The show follows the friendship of Peter Rumancek and Roman Godfrey as they try to track down who (or what) is responsible for horrific killings that have shocked the town. But Peter and Roman have their own dark secrets, too.

The show is well written and entertaining enough to satisfy non-horror fans. I was particularly enthralled by the performances in this series. Not once did I become bored with the characters which speaks to the quality of acting. For horror fans like myself, Hemlock Grove shines in its moments of weirdness, depravity, gore, and some fucking awesome werewolf transformations.

Hemlock Grove is based on a novel by Brian McGreevy. Production of season 2 has completed, but no release date has been announced. I also recommend the soundtrack which is available on Spotify.

Is that gory enough for those of you who think you’re getting into something Twilight-y?


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2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Hemlock Grove”

  1. I watched this series last year and I wanted to like it because of all the gore but there was something cheesy about it. It did have a great story line and definitely kept me interested! Maybe it was Famke Janssen’s acting which is surprising because she’s usually awesome. I am looking forward to season 2, I feel like it won’t be cheesy!

    1. Famke’s accent ALMOST ruined it for me – I kept asking if she was British or from the midwest? It was pretty distracting! I hope Season 2 is even better. I’ll stay tuned for your review! 🙂

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