Ti West Is On To Something, Y’all…

Horror nerds, we are observing the creation of our generation’s horror auteur without recognizing it enough. Ti West is on to something, y’all. A master of pacing and building dread, West has consistently delivered and exceeded my expectations in all of his films. ****WARNING – minor spoilers ahead.**** Let us consider:

1. House of the Devil (2009) – Holy. Santa Claus shit. This movie rules. IMMEDIATELY we feel like we’re in 1981. Not just from the clothes, hair, cars, and soundtrack, but from the cinematography, opening credits, and dialogue. There’s a real “Suspiria” vibe from this flick and I absolutely love it. Truly a must watch.

2. The Innkeepers (2011) – Okay, it’s a little hokey. The ghost isn’t really that terrifying. But it’s FUN and that’s what ghost stories are supposed to make you experience; that constant shift between nervous excitement and terror. I really enjoy haunted house/hotel films so maybe I’m biased, but I had a great time watching the Innkeepers.

3. Second Honeymoon (Segment in V/H/S) (2012) – West’s short feature in V/H/S is REALISTIC. That’s what makes Second Honeymoon so terrifying. I feel almost inappropriate watching this, like I’m some sick voyeur watching this couple on their vacation.

I know he’s done stuff pre 2009 and I have not yet seen The Sacrament. I’m giddy about what he’ll deliver next and by golly I just want to be part of the Ti West/Joe Swanberg/Adam Wingard/AJ Bowen horror troupe. DID YOU READ THAT? IT’S 2014, FOLKS, AND WE’VE GOT A HORROR TROUPE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.


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