31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 3: Would You Rather

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 3: Would You Rather

Memorable Quote: In case none of y’all have figured this out, this game isn’t about helping each other. It’s about eliminating the rest of you.

Three sentences review:

Would you rather stab your sick, elderly neighbor with a kitchen knife (in this case – June Squibb) or would you choose to stab yourself instead? This is just a sample of the horrific choices offered by multi-millionaire Shepard Lambrick (played by Jeffrey Combs, Re-Animator) to his desperate-for-money dinner party guests for his own amusement. Brittany Snow (who is no stranger to the horror genre) gives a strong performance in this surprisingly entertaining flick as a twenty something who vows to do anything necessary to save her sick little brother.


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