31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

Three sentences review:

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome is one of those movies so ahead of its time that I wonder how crazy it must have been to watch it when it was first released (in this case, 1983). The president for a sleazy Toronto cable network happens upon a bizarre broadcast of violent S&M fantasies called “Videodrome”, and while unraveling the signal’s source soon begins to experience inexplicable and increasingly terrifying hallucinations.  It’s a pre-internet vision of the dangers of technological obsession, plus it features iconic horror make-up designer Rick Baker (just say yes to glorious, CGI-free 80s horror) AND the remarkable DEBBIE HARRY.

videodrome animated GIF

horror animated GIF


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