Get Buried in Nerdcropolis

Welcome to Nerdcropolis: RVA’s resting place for horror and Halloween nerds. Wait. What the Fairuza Balk is a Nerdcropolis?

Nerd (n): an intelligent but single-minded individual obsessed with a nonsocial hobby

Necropolis (n): a cemetery, especially a large one in an ancient city

Phew, thanks Merriam Webster.

Do you love being that friend who knows the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery? Are you elated when you drive by the Spirit Halloween posters in when it’s mid-July? Did you shell out $10 to watch Rob Zombie’s 31 on VOD? Does your record collection include Bobby Boris Pickett? Then this is the place for you.

We’ll kick things off on October 1 with the annual 31 Nights of Horror. Same formula as the beloved Katie Loves Horror days (RIP). As always, there will be no bullshit ten page long reviews in October. I know your attention span is as long as it takes to eat one M&M, so I keep things short and sweet. Mmm. Horror movies, books, concerts, film series, ghost tours, Richmond haunts, and whatever the hell I want to feature will be featured.

Come on in, the ground is cool and riddled with PBR cans. Join the undead nerd army and get buried in Nerdcropolis.

Author: Nerdcropolis

Nerdcropolis is RVA's resting place for horror and Halloween nerds

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