Get Buried in Nerdcropolis

Welcome to Nerdcropolis: RVA’s resting place for horror and Halloween nerds. Wait. What the fuck is a Nerdcropolis?

Nerd (n): an intelligent but single-minded individual obsessed with a nonsocial hobby

Necropolis (n): a cemetery, especially a large one in an ancient city

Phew, thanks Merriam Webster.

Do you love being that friend who knows the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery? Are you elated when you drive by the Spirit Halloween posters in Willow Lawn when it’s mid-July? Did you shell out $10 to watch Rob Zombie’s 31 on VOD? Does your record collection include Bobby Boris Pickett? Then this is the place for you.

We’ll kick things off on October 1 with the fifth annual 31 Nights of Horror. Same formula as the beloved Katie Loves Horror days (RIP). As always, there will be no bullshit ten page long reviews in October. I know your attention span is as long as it takes to eat one rainbow cookie, so I keep things short and sweet. Mmm. Horror movies, books, concerts, film series, ghost tours, Richmond haunts, and whatever the hell I want to feature will be featured.

I may have a new name but I’ve been in Richmond longer than Joel Bieber’s been churning out amazing commercials. I love this town and the weirdos who live in it.

Come on in, the ground is cool and riddled with PBR cans. Join the undead nerd army and get buried in Nerdcropolis.


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