31 Nights of Horror V, Night 2: Hush

31 Nights of Horror, Night 2: Hush

Three sentence review:

Night two is for all of my home invasion horror fans, and 2016’s Hush successfully delivers a refreshing spin on the sub-genre in under 90 minutes. A young writer lives alone in the woods and is hunted by a crossbow wielding killer – oh, and she just happens to be deaf. Some people complain about a certain choice the killer makes at the beginning, but I feel the short running time keeps things suspenseful and makes Hush a captivating and easy watch. 

How to get extra nerdy:

1. Learn every line in the movie in sign language

2. Practice your crossbow skills in the woods 


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2 Responses to 31 Nights of Horror V, Night 2: Hush

  1. I think this is on Netflix! I’ll have to add it to my watch list! I’ve been a huge fan of this sub-gene since the 1996 blockbuster hit, Scream. Another favorite is the Strangers!

    Thanks for sharing!

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