31 Nights of Horror V, Night 17: American Horror Story: Roanoke

31 Nights of Horror V, Night 17: American Horror Story: Roanoke

You guys, we have got to talk about how insane and outstanding and scary and gory and shocking and exciting this season of AHS is so far. Last week’s episode had me sitting up in my bed with my jaw wide open (this time not from TMJ issues!) because everything happening to the Miller family was so scary and intense. The shorter episodes and season, the ziplocked secretive theme, the blatant connections to previous seasons, Evan Peters’ fabulous existence, Angela Bassett’s bad assery, Frances. Mother. Fucking. Conroy. the sheer fact that Chaz Bono is in this, and last week’s juicy six second promo for episode 6 literally has me salivating over a tv show I’m so happy to watch in real time (not binging). 


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