31 Nights of Horror VI, Night 13: Friday the 13th Part III 

31 Nights of Horror VI, Night 13: Friday the 13th Part III

Thirteen sentence review:

Is there any franchise more appropriate for today’s festivities than the one that made Jason Vorhees a household name? No! Of course not. Today we celebrate hockey masks and burlap sacks and machetes and Crazy Ralph and Corey Feldman and uppercuts that knock off heads and cryogenic freezing and so much more. But specifically today I’m celebrating my favorite entry in the series: Part III. 

The third installment is the first to feature Jason’s hockey mask. It has an awesome opening credits song that perfectly sums up 80s horror. Plus, it came out as a 3D experience back when that didn’t mean shelling out an extra $4 and had everything to do with being gimmicky. Throw in a good axe to the head and a seemingly misplaced but totally necessary biker gang stand off and you’ve got yourself a hit.

I recently found a DVD copy of Part 3 at a badass antique shop that has two great horror themed booths. The DVD was only $3 and included TWO PAIRS OF JASON THEMED 3D GLASSES. That is what we in the thrift shop biz call a “come up”. 

Hopefully your Friday the 13th is filled with merriment and joy. And hopefully Jason’s is ripe with sinful camp counselors. 


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