31 Nights of Horror VI, Night 20: Alien 3

31 Nights of Horror VI, Night 20: Alien 3

Three sentence review:

DONT THINK WE FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE, DAVID FINCHER. Basically Ripley’s luck has gotten so bad that at this point she has to fight xenomorphs and rapists (at least she gets a badass haircut). Despite production issues -including shooting without a script- the Alien threequel happened, it’s not THAT bad (in fact I agree it’s kinda Ballsy), and it was even nominated for an academy award for special effects.

Bonus sentence: I just learned that David Fincher tried using a real dog in an alien suit to create the look of “the runner”. Haha! So cute. https://halloweenlove.com/xeno-pooch-remembering-the-time-alien-3-tried-to-use-a-real-dog-in-a-suit/


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