It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Horror!)

Holiday horror is wonderful, isn’t it? I haven’t watched this year’s Better Watch Out yet, but I have spent many years appreciating yuletide terror.

These are my favorite:

  • Gremlins

The best trivia about Gremlins is that Steven Spielberg forced Hollywood to create the PG-13 rating. It was rated PG and I guess little kids were traumatized by Gremlins and the Indiana Jones movies. That’s awesome. Also, there’s just nothing better than watching a frantic Phoebe Cates pour beers for dozens of Gremlins in a dive bar. Nothing.

  • Rare Exports

I accidentally had Rare Exports on the TV when my boyfriend’s mom was over at my house. There were definitely Elf butts and wieners. Woops. It’s such a good Santa movie though. Finland just looks cozy. Doesn’t Pietari’s cottage look so cozy!?

  • Black Christmas 70s and 2000s

UPDATED May 2018: The original is absolutely the best, and it’s one of the first slasher movies. But there’s nothing wrong with the 2006 remake. I happen to like Michelle Trachtenberg.

  • Treevenge

My all time favorite. Jason Eisner’s cautionary tale of vengeful Christmas trees. It’s so campy I have to watch it in a sleeping bag. Watch the entire short film below:

  • Elves

Grizzly Adams stars in this 80s horror about evil elves. Side note, my mom used to give us presents “from Santa’s elves” but she would write: “From Elvis” instead of elves.

  • Frozen

It’s not set during Christmas, but it is a solid survival horror set during a blizzard. Wolves, yo.


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