31 Nights of Horror VII, Night 31: Trick ‘r Treat

UNLucky year 7 has officially ended! But let me be honest, it WAS a lucky October indeed! I saw my brother and his family in Charleston, SC where I also got to see a badass Halloween mural and explore Boone Hall Fright Nights. I stood with one of my best gal pals as she married the love of her life in Louisville. I hosted the best Witches Night Out to date with my best buds. I got to be a guest on the second best podcast in Richmond!! It’s been a frightfully fun October!

As always we end with Trick ‘r Treat. This year’s post is dedicated to Anna Paquin, our favorite little red riding hood werewolf (the irony is not lost on me). She got to lose her werewolf virginity by devouring a dumbass who attacker her in an alley. HOW BOUT DAT TOWN HALLOWEEN STREET PARTY THO.


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