Godzilla: King of the Comeback

I love a monster movie. I do not need plot. I do not need drama. I do not need substance. I need pure, in-my-face carnage, effects, and chaos. I loved Kong: Skull island for this reason. There was a love story but not a deep one. There were interesting characters but no one I really cared enough about if they died. There was humor, action, amazing effects, and the pace never relented. I felt the same way about Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Full disclosure that I have not yet seem 2014’s Godzilla, but I plan on remedying that before the weekend. Therefore I do not have that lens to go from in this review, but I can tell you that I enjoyed the heck out of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

I am a fan of Vera Farmigia. Kyle Chandler? I like him enough. I never watched Friday Night Lights or Bloodline, but I do remember him from Zero Dark Thirty and The Wolf of Wall Street. And Millie Bobby Brown! Come on, who doesn’t love Eleven? The actors do a fine enough job (love you Bradley Whitford), but that is not why we’re here.

MONSTERS. SO. MANY. MONSTERS. Monsters in Antarctica. Monsters in Mexico. Monsters in Wyoming! In Boston! In Jordan! Everywhere – monsters. This is what we want from a monster movie.

Coolest monster of the film (for me) has to go to burning Godzilla. HE WAS FREAKING AWESOME. But I also loved and want to see more of Komunja. Yeah – Ghidora is flipping sweet, too. The effects in this movie were outta control. I can see how they easily spent $200 million. As a very casual movie reviewer with limited understanding of the actual film industry, I always delight in the 900000000 credits that scroll in a movie with lots of effects. So many people worked on bringing these Titans to life. TO WHICH I SAY: BRAVO!

My brother and I giggled at the delivery of the “humans are the real infliction” monologues (though I do agree there’s some truth there). But this is Godzilla in 2019 and we gotta remind the people about our responsibility to save the planet.

Godzilla is a technical triumph for the unassuming movie viewer. A feast for the senses. My nephew had his ears plugged for several parts of the movie because it got so loud. That’s exactly what I want in a summer blockbuster: nonstop action, explosions, creature effects, and cheesiness. LOVED IT. Stay for the clues in the credits and for the post credits scene!


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