31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 31: Evil Dead 2 and Night of the Demons at Triple Crossing Brewery – Fulton

Well, folks, another Halloween season has come and gone. At least, the official Halloween season because we all know that Halloween lives all year long for us horror nerds. Brett and I typically spend Halloween night at my parents house because they do an amazing trick-or-treat station that gives out hot dog, chili, candy and beer. This year we decided to stay home and see if we got any trick-or-treaters on our street. To my delight we had quite a few candy seekers at our front porch! I’m so happy we stuck around our ‘hood this year and gave out all of the candy we purchased. I dressed up like Elvira because, obviously.

After the last piece of candy was claimed we headed to Triple Crossing Brewery in the Fulton neighborhood of Richmond. Every Thursday in October they hosted a horror movie night and Halloween was no exception. On Halloween night they played two of my all time favorite horror movies: Evil Dead II and Night of the Demons. The movie nights were sponsored by a local haunted house/horror production company called Red Vein. I absolutely loved their simple but very effective pumpkin decor and plan to steal that idea for my own display next year. October 2019 was a whirlwind filled with amazing movies, frightful events, and all things spooky. Does this mean the horror stops? Hell no! But that does it for 31 Nights of Horror VIII: Katie Takes Manhattan. See you next year for year nine!


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