What Might Happen in Scream 5?

This week horror fans were delighted to learn that Scream 5 is in development. We know that David Arquette is already on board and Neve Campbell is in negotiations. Though Kevin Williamson isn’t writing, I am glad to see he’ll be part of the project as an executive producer. It looks like the creative team “Radio Silence”, the crew behind 2019’s Ready or Not, will be directing. That is bittersweet, given it’s the first Scream film that won’t be directed by the late horror legend, Wes Craven.

I started thinking about what I’d want to see in the fifth installment of the Scream franchise and predictions about what COULD happen. So I made a list of predictions, hopes and dreams. Some outlandish, some serious, some just plain weird. Got anything to add to the list? Let me know!

  • Randy is somehow alive and shows up
  • Cotton Weary had a son and is the killer
  • Gayle has been a victim of cancel culture or fake news
  • Ghostface Killah is the actual Ghostface killer
  • Deputy Dewey is a meme among Woodsboro High students
  • Detective Kincaid returns
  • Kirby’s sister vows vengeance against Sidney’s family
  • Maureen Prescott is actually alive?!
  • Ghostface makes threats on the dark web
  • Sheriff Dewey and Gayle’s daughter is a TikTok star
  • Rather than using a traditional knife, Ghostface wreaks havoc by spreading COVID-19 around Woodsboro
  • Sidney attends her 25th high school reunion
  • Stu is back and is just released from prison
  • Roman’s dad seeks revenge on Sidney
  • Gayle makes innocence project documentaries for Netflix
  • Stu had a baby with Tatum that they gave up for adoption, and she’s out for revenge
  • Ghostface forces the entire town of Woodsboro to participate in some sick version of a Netflix choose your own adventure movie?
  • Ghostface Takes Manhattan
  • Marlon Wayans is the killer


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