31 Nights of Horror IX, Night 6: Random Acts of Violence

31 Nights of Horror IX, Night 6: Random Acts of Violence

Random Acts of Violence (Movie Review) - Cryptic Rock

Three sentence review:

When I saw that Jay Baruchel directed a horror movie based on a comic I immediately thought of my friends at Geeks Under the Influence, but also wondered how a comedian from Canada would approach brutality, as suggested in the title. I was pumped to see Jesse Williams playing the lead, as I think he is an outstanding human, and was really pleasantly surprised at how full throttle a lot of the action and violence turned out in this film. The plot about a horror comic writer stalked by a crazed killer wasn’t the meatiest, but I will say I nodded my head in approval during the scene in which Slasherman made his bloody and intense debut.


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