31 Nights of Horror 2013

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Hello, readers. I want to play a game.

Night 1: Silence of the Lambs

Night 2: World War Z

Night 3: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Night 4: Night of the Demons

Night 5: The Last House on the Left

Night 6: Ils (Them)

Night 7: V/H/S 2

Night 8: The Witches

Night 9: The Conjuring

Night 10: American Horror Story: Coven Episode 1

Night 11: The Devil’s Rejects

Night 12: The Devil’s Backbone

Night 13: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

Night 14: The Purge

Night 15: Halloweentown

Night 16: A Serbian Film

Night 17: Dance of the Dead

Night 18: Red State

Night 19: The Midnight Meat Train

Night 20: Hellraiser

Night 21: 1408

Night 22: Treevenge 

Night 23: Poltergeist

Night 24: Friday the 13th Part 3

Night 25: Saw

Night 26: 30 Days of Night

Night 27: The Strangers

Night 28: American Mary

Night 29: Hocus Pocus

Night 30: Wolf Creek

Night 31: Trick ‘r Treat


3 thoughts on “31 Nights of Horror 2013

    • Katie M. says:

      SO MANY!The movie I’m most excited for this year is “The Green Inferno” by Eli Roth. I’m interested to see how Annabelle turns out. I’ve been trying to find a copy of the movie “Stage Fright” and I want to see “All Cheerleaders Die,” a horror comedy.

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