About Katie:

I love horror movies! The love affair began when my dad and brother let me watch Child’s Play when I was four years old.  I was further influenced by my uncles and cousins who bravely suffered with me through many fantastic and horrible horror jaunts over the last 27 years.  Our casual movie nights slowly morphed into my deep appreciation for the genre. I am DEFINITELY not a trained movie critic and you will not find any flowery Pitchfork style reviews on this blog. I write what I know.

Why do I love Horror? Am I demented?

Horror is the toughest genre to pull off successfully.  “What scares you?”  It’s an intimate question that requires a vulnerable response.  Horror IS the final girl. It has survived through constant evolution and infinite imagination.  It asks us to believe in the impossible and consider the improbable.  It affects us through our most primal instinct: fear.  It takes us to worlds beyond our own and forces us to question reality.  It’s a creative genre and brilliant art.  I believe horror make-up artists and special effects teams are evil geniuses who deserve an exhibit in the Smithsonian.  Horror composers are mad musical scientists who compose single notes that give us goosebumps when used at just the right moment. Scary movies are a physical and mental game.  Horror allows us to be silly.  It facilitates deep-seated empathy.  It teaches us about survival, love, loss, and how we face our fears.  It’s entertaining to watch horror at the movie theater with hundreds of people clapping loudly, throwing popcorn, and laughing nervously after falling for the third jump scare. It bonds us.  It’s constantly innovative because it has to be to survive.  It can stay with us long after the film ends.  It inspires Halloween costumes.  It inspires historical research and preservation.  It invokes respect of life. It makes it socially unacceptable to casually wear a hockey mask.  Maybe I am a little demented.

Your Blog Name is Stupid:

You’re stupid.

Why are you doing this? Aren’t there 342903 other horror movie blogs?

Yes, and I respect and support all of them!  I’m doing it because I love horror movies. Duh.

Will you recommend a movie for my son’s sleepover this weekend?

Sure. Is he afraid of clowns?

I saw your blog and I work in the horror industry. Would you ever quit your job and come work for the major horror production company that I run? 

Yes. I would get you coffee and take out your trash and scrub your toilets.  Unless they are the toilets from “Ghoulies”. I’m not doing that.


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