Horror Harvest Week Two: BLOOD RAGE

AKA Nightmare at Shadow Woods aka Slasher?! As if Thanksgiving in Jacksonville, FL wasn’t scary enough! This little dish from 1983 (or was it ’87?) features all of the awkward family Thanksgiving hits: co-dependency, slut shaming, good twin vs. evil twin, popped collars, machetes (a real missed opportunity to exclusively use a carving knife), gluttonous consumption of leftovers on a linoleum floor, alcoholism, and of course, cranberry sauce. BUT IT’S NOT CRANBERRY SAUCE, ARTIE. It’s a GORE-NUCOPIA of 80s gravy. Serve with crackers, gas station wine, and Virginia Slims.

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HORROR HARVEST 2019, Week One: Pilgrim

What, you think that just because Halloween is over we don’t continue the horrorthon? It’s November and that means I’m counting down the days until I get to enjoy the most delectable dish of the entire year – the leftover turkey sandwich. Until then, let’s be thankful for a bountiful cornucopia of Thanksgiving themed horror. A “horror harvest” if you will. Each week in November I’ll feature a heaping helping of Thanksgiving themed horror. So what are you thankful for? Hopefully this. Because I spend time on these posts. FOR YOU!

Let’s begin with week one’s feature film: Pilgrim. This is the little movie that just would not quit. First of all, I am GRATEFUL that Hulu has continued their “Into the Dark” series with a second season. #BLESSED. October’s Uncanny Annie was a wee bit disappointing start to season two, and at the beginning I was afraid that Pilgrim was also going in that direction. I couldn’t get past the fact that the main pilgrim villains were basically Chip and Joanna Gaines in puritan clothing. However, by the end I was laughing out loud at a few of the gags and was cheering for the effort made by the filmmakers. They really just went for a few things and honestly it made up for the many flaws in this horror fan’s opinion. The movie is all over the place as it clumsily evolves from family drama to wannabe B-movie. But you know what? I’m not mad about it. I’ll even forgive the gratuitous fish-eye and lens flare. I love any scary movie with a creepy children’s choir soundtrack.

A lot of the movie is inexplicable, yes, and there are plenty of flaws. But I am HERE for more Thanksgiving themed horror and I think I will indeed by watching this again next November. And yes, it wouldn’t be an “Into the Dark” entry without a little social commentary. I hope that continues.

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Image result for into the dark pilgrim

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 31: Evil Dead 2 and Night of the Demons at Triple Crossing Brewery – Fulton

Well, folks, another Halloween season has come and gone. At least, the official Halloween season because we all know that Halloween lives all year long for us horror nerds. Brett and I typically spend Halloween night at my parents house because they do an amazing trick-or-treat station that gives out hot dog, chili, candy and beer. This year we decided to stay home and see if we got any trick-or-treaters on our street. To my delight we had quite a few candy seekers at our front porch! I’m so happy we stuck around our ‘hood this year and gave out all of the candy we purchased. I dressed up like Elvira because, obviously.

After the last piece of candy was claimed we headed to Triple Crossing Brewery in the Fulton neighborhood of Richmond. Every Thursday in October they hosted a horror movie night and Halloween was no exception. On Halloween night they played two of my all time favorite horror movies: Evil Dead II and Night of the Demons. The movie nights were sponsored by a local haunted house/horror production company called Red Vein. I absolutely loved their simple but very effective pumpkin decor and plan to steal that idea for my own display next year. October 2019 was a whirlwind filled with amazing movies, frightful events, and all things spooky. Does this mean the horror stops? Hell no! But that does it for 31 Nights of Horror VIII: Katie Takes Manhattan. See you next year for year nine!

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 30: Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Three sentence review:

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure has been a favorite of my fiance for decades, and he’s right – Garfield is fun whether you’re a kid or an adult. In his Halloween special, Garfield ropes Odie into trick-or-treating so he can get more candy and in their efforts the pair runs into a crew of spooky pirate ghosts. The episode features so many wonderful musical numbers, including my favorite “Scaredy Cat”.

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31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 29: Evil Dead (2013)

Three sentence review:

In eight years of 31 Nights of Horror I don’t think I’ve duplicated a single movie, and that’s nearly 250 horror films! Though I am always searching for a fresh title to include on the list, sometimes I just want to go back to my favorites. The Evil Dead remake from 2013 is outstanding and was, at one time, the bloodiest movie ever -rewatching it last night definitely reminded me why!

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 28: Killer Klowns from Outer Space!

Three Sentence Review:

OH MY GOSH, I haven’t seen this movie in years and it’s so much better than I remembered. The costumes, the sets, the makeup… it’s all so delightful and kooky. The opening credits song is fantastic, the gags are hilarious, the effects are surprisingly very well done, and it’s no wonder this is a cult favorite among horror fans.

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31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 27: Deadly Drag Halloween Ball

Three sentence review:

River City Roll hosted a spooktacular Deadly Drag Ball featuring some of Richmond’s most hauntingly gorgeous queens! The show was an absolute blast as each performer brought their best undead looks and killer performances. The event was a fundraiser for VA Pride and was the perfect culmination of a very Richmond Halloweekend.