Night 19: Los Espookys

Three sentence review:

Los Espookys is the show you really need to binge this Halloween season. The adorably quirky crew from the Los Espookys gang will have you deceased from laughter as they work together to produce horror scenarios for a campy crew of customers. I am particularly obsessed with the absurdist humor from Julio Torres’ character, Andres.

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 18: Child’s Play (2019)

Three sentence review:

I’ve been on Team Don Mancini from the start but after seeing many positive reviews I decided to give it a shot. I don’t like broken limbs so one of the kills got to me, but overall I give this effort a C-. Nice try and it wasn’t a total shit show, but this girl is looking forward to Don’s TV show.

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 16: The Collection

Three sentence review:

In 2009 everyone was a little bit fatigued from the Saw franchise, so I get why The Collector didn’t do too well. I loved it, but tonight we are celebrating its sequel, The Collection. Mandatory viewing for horror nerds just for the opening scene alone, but stick around for the full throttle madness that poor, unfortunate souls must survive in the world of The Collector.

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 15: The Changeling

Three sentence review:

Touted as one of the scariest haunted house movies of all time, I was excited to watch The Changeling this year for the very first time!! Poor George C. Scott is just riddled with bad luck and grief, and that darkness permeates the entire film. Yes, truly the scariest use of a wheelchair in horror history.

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31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 14: Little Monsters (2019)

OH MY GAWSH IT IS DELIGHTFUL. I was worried that recent zombie movie craze had jumped the shark, but this one is just terrific. Lupita Nyong’o is the perfect kindergarten teacher who does whatever it takes to keep her students safe and not traumatized by the horrific events unfolding. Josh Gad is hilarious as a psychotic and selfish children’s show performer. The kindergarten students are all adorable performers. And the main character, Dave, is a lovable, slightly problematic misfit just trying to figure it all out. You’re on a field trip with a kindergarten class at the zoo in Australia when a zombie outbreak happens due to the negligence of a U.S. Army testing facility (I love the simplicity.) What would you do? It’s exactly what I needed. Watch it on Hulu!

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 13: Children of the Corn

Three sentence review:

Yes, we could dive into themes and other intelligent commentary about Stephen King’s Children of the Corn, starring the wonderful Linda Hamilton. But instead I just want to make a post dedicated to Malachai’s luxurious ginger curls. The actor, Courtney Gaines, truly had a beautiful head of murderous child hair and it needs to be celebrated.