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Night 7, V/H/S 2

31 Nights of Horror, Night 7: V/H/S 2 (Originally titled S-VHS) WARNING: This film is for seasoned horror fans and I do not recommend casually watching this or popping it in for your Halloween pumpkin carving party. Three (run-on) sentence review: Just when I thought mainstream horror couldn’t get any more disturbing, more innovative, or shocking; […]


Night 6, Ils (Them)

31 Nights of Horror, Night 6: Ils (Them) Three sentence review: Ils, a French title also known as “Them”,  is the European inspiration behind the 2008 American horror movie,  The Strangers.  The films’ premises are nearly exact – an attractive couple find themselves terrorized by anonymous intruders in their secluded home during the wee hours […]


Night 3, Repo! The Genetic Opera

31 Nights of Horror, Night 3: Repo! The Genetic Opera Three Sentence Review: Repo! The Genetic Opera is a dazzling, bizarre, gory, fantastic sci-fi/horror-rock opera starring horror-icon Bill Moseley, Broadway star Sarah Brightman,  Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas, Law and Order) Paris Hilton, Alexa Vega, and a bevy of other delightfully offbeat performers.  In 2056, following an […]