31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 2: Slumber Party Massacre 2

31 Nights of Horror VIII, Night 2: Slumber Party Massacre 2

Three sentence review:

The original Slumber Party Massacre is an excellent choice if you want good 80’s cheese. The sequel just goes completely off the rails and into outer space with kookiness. For some (amazing) reason, the first installment’s Driller Killer has evolved into an 80s metal head character whose murder weapon is an electric guitar with a drill attached and includes a bonkers musical number- and yes, I absolutely LOVE IT.


How To Get Down in RVA This Halloween 

When I left DC to move home to Richmond, the first thought I had was “Damn, I will not miss this Satan orchestrated traffic”. The second thought I had was, “I will really miss the endless options for Halloween parties at every bar and venue in the city”.

Well, it seems that RVA has gotten the memo and has caught up with our neighbor to the north in Halloween happenings. No longer do we only have the Carytown Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade to look forward to. There are now actually endless Halloween parties right here in good ol’ Richmond!

Whether you hate dressing up (who are you?!) or want to get extra “on theme”, there is something for you to do.

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything Halloween happening in RVA between now and November 1:

October 21:

  1. The 11th Annual RVA Halloweek Kick-Off at Strangeways Brewing “with a special beer release and music FREE / Followed by Burlesque at 9pm”
  2. Horror Movie Night at The Veil Brewing beginning at 9:00 pm. Every Friday in October. This week’s screening will be “Insidious” (Check out my experience at the first Horror movie night here)
  3. Red Vein Haunted House at Hanover Vegetable Farm… probably not as crowded as Ashland Berry Farm!

October 22:

  1. Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival. 12 – 6 pm. Free. Pumpkin themed food and booze! But will there be more actual pumpkins this year? Because last year I was very disappointed.
  2. Isley Brewing 3rd anniversary party and Zombie Walk. Stumble over from the Pumpkin Festival.
  3. Not Halloween related, but just up the street: Porkapalooza! at Lunch/Supper. Nom nom nom.

October 23:

  1. Goblins and Gourds at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Pumpkin painting and music.

October 24:

  1. “Classic spooky movies” (like Young Frankenstein, Hocus Pocus, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, etc) every day this week at the Beet Cafe at Ellwood Thompson at noon

October 25:

  1. Parking Lot Movie Night at Kinsfolk: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Monster Burger, Bourbon and Brews at the Savory Grain

October 26:

  1. Deathly Debutante Dinner Party and Halloween Party at Kinsfolk

October 27:

  1. Killer Costume Karaoke at Metro Grill; 10 pm
  2. Hardywood’s Haunted Food Truck Court and “Bride of Frankenbier” release
  3. Lip Sync Battle Royale: Halloween Edition at The Answer Brewpub

October 28:

  1. The Village of the Damned at the Village Cafe – 7 pm (horror movies, beer specials)
  2. Movie Club RVA presents: Pet Sematary at Hardywood Brewery; Trivia with Video Fan; movie starts at 8 followed by concert
  3. GLITZ vs GORE Halloween Party at Fallout RVA
  4. Zombie Prom at the Tobacco Company
  5. Horror Movie Night at The Veil Brewing: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

October 29:

  1. Scott’s Addition BOOze Crawl
  2. Babes Halloween Spooktacular
  3. A Stranger Things Dance Party at Metro Grill
  4. Halloween Costume and Dance Party at The Veil Brewing
  5. War of the Worlds Live Broadcast by WRIR (or see the live performance at the Firehouse Theatre)
  6. A Nightmare on Cary Street Block Party with Cha Cha’s Cantina and Society Social Club
  7. Halloween Masquerade at the Tobacco Company
  8. Monster Mash at Keagans
  9. Scarytown and Carytown Zombie Walk (12th Annual!)
  10. WRIR’s Monster Mashquerade at The Camel

October 30:

  1. Stranger Things Halloween Party at Garden Grove Brewing 6:30 PM
  2. Third annual Growl-o-Ween at COTU Brewery  (DOGS IN COSTUMES)
  3. RVA Pug-o-Ween at Isley (PUGS IN COSTUMES)

October 31:

  1. 11th Annual Richmond Halloween Parade 
  2. Troma Night at Gallery 5: Double Halloween Feature
  3. Trick or Treat on Hanover Avenue (One of the best places to trick or treat in the US!)

November 1:

  1. Casa Del Barco Day of the Dead Celebration 

RVA Halloween Adventures: Horror Night at the Veil Brewing Co.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Veil Brewing Co, it’s the unassuming brick building on Roseneath Road that amasses a Black Friday like line of devoted followers every Tuesday for their weekly can release. The brewery draws visitors from all over the east coast and beyond thanks to brewmaster Matt Tarpey’s focus on hop forward beers and ‘spontaneous fermentation’. Tarpey also has experience working at some of the best breweries in the world.

Though many people rave about the beer, I personally don’t care for IPAs or other types of beer varieties that have lots of hops. It is a shame because the interior of The Veil is gorgeous and it’s a really relaxed spot to hang out. Plus, it’s literally within steps of my apartment complex. Ever the optimist, I do enjoy the weekly food truck selections that post up at The Veil since they offer variety in my dinner options (whatup, Dank Eats!)

The Veil also likes to host a lot of fun, cool, and well organized events. And I’ll always support that.

This month, the brewery is featuring a different horror movie every Friday in October. The movies are shown on a giant inflatable screen and the lineup is pretty awesome. The first film for horror movie night was The Ring – still my pick for best PG13 horror movie ever. I packed a blanket, grabbed Lando, and walked over to the parking lot at The Veil where the inflatable screen was set up and ready to go.

The Veil set up cozy love seat benches and tables with umbrellas for audience members to sit, which was nice. The food truck of the evening was Northern Neck Oyster Co, which I still haven’t tried and need to in the very near future. Many people were munching on delicious looking crab cakes, hush puppies, oysters, and po boy sandwiches. They smelled amazing, which definitely got Lando’s attention.

The sound was great and the evening was even better. It was a cool, cloudy night – the perfect setting for a horror flick. One of my favorite things about horror is watching them with a live audience. It’s always fun to see people covering their eyes or gasping. The Ring still brings the scares 14 years later.

They also had free popcorn which definitely contributed to Lando’s stellar behavior. He ended up being the star of the evening because dozens of people wanted to pet and play with him. That dog doesn’t get enough attention…

I’m looking forward to enjoying more of the Friday night horror series at The Veil and I hope that it becomes an annual tradition for them. There were definitely plenty of people in the audience eating food and drinking beer, so I don’t see why not!

The Veil Brewing Co Horror Nights

1301 Roseneath Road, Richmond, VA 23230

Fridays in October

Full Lineup:

October 7 – The Ring

October 14 – Let the Right One In

October 21 – Insidious

October 28 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Ghost Hunting in Charleston, SC

My older brother and his family live in Charleston, SC. I was sad to see them move out of state, but I never mind going down to visit them. Charleston is consistently rated as one of the top destinations in the world for a reason.

After 24 hours of great food, a gorgeous boat ride, and an excellent beer garden (with a dog park attached – brilliant!), we ventured to historic downtown Charleston for a walking ghost tour.

Lunch view at the Brown Dog Deli, which features a dog friendly patio


Lando at The Barrel, a kickass beer garden with a dog park attached


Lando chilling on my brother’s boat

There are many different options for ghost tours in Charleston. Some of them are walking tours and others are by horse drawn carriage. Any of them will be worth your time, because Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in America.

After a quick – and I mean quick – cocktail at the Bar at Husk, our twilight tour met in front of the Gibbes Museum of Art. (Side note: the Bar at Husk does NOT have Miller Lite, and you will rightfully be met with judgment by the bartender if you ask because you’re late for your tour and you just need a quick beer. It’s a great bar with great drinks, so treat it accordingly. I found out the hard way. I recommend getting bourbon.)

The Bar at Husk

Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and we found out she had only been giving tours for a couple of months. She also seemed to be more interested in the history side more than the ghost telling aspect, which I felt lessened the creepy factor.

This was my third time on a Charleston ghost tour, so none of the stories were surprising. That doesn’t make them any less interesting nor the city less beautiful. We began our tour at the Unitarian Churchyard. We’re told that the wildflowers and plants among the gravestones are purposely allowed to grow free, so it appears to be overgrown and neglected. Very spooky. Our tour guide tells us a love story of a 14 year old girl named Anna Ravenel and an 18 year old sailor from Virginia named Edgar. Anna’s father discovers the relationship and forbids his daughter to see the sailor. Soon, Edgar is transferred and shortly after that Anna dies from yellow fever. Even in death, Anna’s father is determined to keep the pair separated, so he moves Anna’s body and to this day it is unknown where she is actually buried. The best part? We learn that the sailor was Edgar Allen Poe and Anna is believed to be the inspiration for his poem, “Annabel Lee”

Entrance to the Unitarian Churchyard. Not quite as spooky with the “Lady Legends” posters but I’m sure it’s a great show. 

The inside of the overgrown churchyard

Across the street from the Unitarian Churchyard is the Charleston Library Society, which apparently features a “Blood Book” and the ghost of one Mr. Hinson, a major contributor to the society.

Charleston Library Society

Our tour moves to Poogan’s Porch – everyone’s favorite Charleston ghost story (including my seven year old nephew and me). Poogan’s is a fantastic restaurant that used to be a private residence. The restaurant is named after a dog, Poogan, who used to lay on the front porch of the house in the 1970s. Some say Poogan still sleeps on that porch to this day. You can even see Poogan’s grave marker in the front yard of the restaurant, where he was buried.

The other spirit in Poogan’s is Zoe St. Armand, who lived in the house with her sister in the early 1900s. After the unexpected death of her sister, it is reported that Zoe became incredibly lonely and depressed. She was sent to a local psychiatric facility as her mental health deteriorated until she died in 1954. However, many believe Zoe’s spirit returned to her home to search for her sister. She has reportedly been seen over 200 times in a long black dress. What I find particularly interesting is that the ceilings of the porches at Poogan’s are painted “Haint Blue” which is a Gullah superstition to keep evil spirits away by tricking them into thinking it’s the sky. Another fun fact is that the shutters of the furthest left window on the side of the second story are always shut. This is because many people from the hotel across the street have seen Zoe banging on the glass.

Zoe’s Window

After Poogan’s we strolled to Washington Square, where we heard the story of John and Lavinia Fisher. The fisher’s story is quite ghastly but often exaggerated. They resided at the Six Mile House in Charleston, which was an Inn for weary travelers. According to legend, Lavinia would send the travelers to their rooms with poisoned tea. To make sure they were dead, legend states that John Fisher would pull a lever that would flip the bed and send the bodies to him, where he would mutilate them. The true story seems to be that Lavinia and John were part of a gang of outlaws and were charged and hanged for highway robbery. However, Lavinia’s final words are INCREDIBLY chilling:

“If anyone has a message for Hell, give it to me, and I’ll carry it!”

Our tour guide claims there is an urban legend that says if you walk around Washington Square three times, Lavinia’s ghost will appear. She even went as far to say that a member of a recent tour was scratched on her back after doing this. Obviously I had to find out for myself, so my brother and I rounded the park three times. We were not harmed. Where were you, Lavinia?

We passed briefly by the Trott House, where we heard the story of the Pirate Blackbeard and Judge Trott. Pretty interesting to think about all of the pirates hanging out there doing pirate things back in the day.

Our last stop was at St. Philips Church, a GORGEOUS structure in the heart of Charleston. We learned about the history of the cemetery there and the body of John C. Calhoun. John died in Washington and was buried there, but was moved to west cemetery of St. Philips Church. The west side of the cemetery was reserved for members of the parish who were not born in Charleston. The eastern graveyard is home to folks who were in fact Charleston natives. During the Civil War, Calhoun’s body was moved to the eastern graveyard to prevent it from being tampered with by union soldiers. After the war, it was decided that John’s body should be moved back to the western cemetery side. In the 1880s, the body was moved yet again to the massive monument that now bears his name. Poor guy – you should be able to rest in peace!

St. Philips is also where the famous photograph of the ghost of Sue Howard Hardy was taken.

Some orb action at St. Philip’s west cemetery

Whether or not you believe in spirits, a ghost tour is a great way to learn the history of any city while enjoying some spooky tales along the way. We had a blast on the tour and ended the night with phenomenal tacos at Minero and some fabulous cocktails at the Gin Joint (just don’t order the Havana Affair if you don’t like vermouth).

The tortilla chips bag for the guacamole was on theme at Minero

Drinks at the Gin Joint

Drinks at the Gin Joint