Night 31, Trick ‘r Treat

31 Nights of Horror, Night 31: Trick ‘r Treat


Three sentence review:

 I routinely culminate my October horror fest with this movie, because it’s quintessential Halloween and it’s a good mix of horror and comedy (with an awesome cast) so I don’t feel exhausted after watching it.  Sure, Michael Myers may be King of Halloween, but Trick ‘r Treat intertwines multiple short stories in brilliant fashion.  Word on the street is there’s a sequel in the works – I’m pretty stoked.

Trick ‘r treat,



Night 30, Wolf Creek

31 Nights of Horror, Night 30: Wolf Creek


Three sentence review:

I saw Wolf Creek when it was released in theaters with my best friend, Vanessa, and I think she had her eyes closed for 75% of the movie.  It’s not difficult to understand her reaction; this film kicks your ass ten times over with vicious brutality that earns its torture porn designation.  Three backpackers exploring Wolf Creek National Park fall victim to horror’s most unfortunate cliche – the dreaded broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere – and are taken captive by a maniacal bushman (yes, bushman) who unrelentingly terrorizes the group.

See? Head on a stick,


Night 29, Hocus Pocus

31 Nights of Horror, Night 29: Hocus Pocus

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend, Ashley, and many others who just don’t like scary movies.  Horror isn’t for everyone and THAT’S OKAY!


> 3 sentence review:

Twenty years ago, the world was blessed with a cinematic masterpiece.  Frankly there are two types of people in this world: those who love Hocus Pocus, and liars.  Seriously – great Halloween movie or greatest Halloween movie?  Hocus Pocus comes on ABC Family 10 – 20 times every October and I couldn’t be more thankful.  It’s hard to pin point my favorite thing about Hocus Pocus.  Is it Dreamy McHuman Binx at the beginning  of the movie enchanting me with his luscious brown locks and sultry gaze?  Is it Dani and Max’s adorable sibling banter or Allison’s yabos?  Is it Billy and Winifred’s relationship baggage dug up after centuries? Perhaps it’s SJP’s lullaby skills or Mary’s delightful misfortune of having to ride a vacuum that bewitches me the most?  Nay, it’s all of the above and more.  This movie profoundly affected my childhood.  I often put a circle of salt around me in my backyard because I learned from Hocus Pocus that it will ward off witches and evil spirits.  And because of this movie, I kind of always imagined parenthood as just year after year of attending fabulous Halloween costume parties at the town community center.  Don’t screw this up for me, future Katie.   “I put a spell on you,” sings Bette Midler.  Yes.  Yes you did, Bette.  You put a spell on America.  And the only antidote is more Hocus Pocus.

Bonjour, je veux mon livre,


P.S. was Binx’s first name really “Thackery” or did Emily have an awful lisp?!

Night 28, American Mary

31 Nights of Horror, Night 28: American Mary

Three sentence review:

HOLY MOLY…LOVE this kick ass horror flick made by two very bad ass gore lovin’ ladies – the Soska Sisters! American Mary is about a smart, meticulous, hard working, but struggling medical student who finds herself involved in the bizarre, underground world of body modification surgery to pay the bills (she wears KILLER stilettos throughout the entire movie while doing this).  The story line is a little disorganized, but the actress who plays Mary gives a fantastic performance as an incredibly strong female lead who frankly punches the “scream queen” stereotype in the face – ALSO, YAY FOR LADY HORROR DIRECTORS!!!

Have you heard of body modification?


Bonus commentary:

HALLELUJAH for a fucking awesome female protagonist who scares the shit out of every man in the movie.  I am now a huge fan of the Soska Sisters and can’t wait to see what else they release!

Night 27, The Strangers

31 Nights of Horror, Night 27: The Strangers


Three sentence review:

The first 15 minutes of The Strangers are so unnecessary and boring – blah, blah she said no, where will your relationship go, blah, blah.  The next 20 minutes are some of the best scenes in horror history and feature an incredible use of sound as a scare tactic; I can’t listen to Gillian Welch’s “My First Lover” without getting A LITTLE creeped out.  I will continue re-watching The Strangers just for those 20 minutes, but the rest of the movie just makes me constantly question how the intruders can magically disappear in 0.5 seconds without a trace?

Because you were home,


P.S. – apparently there’s a sequel in the works.

Night 26: 30 Days of Night

31 Nights of Horror, Night 26: 30 Days of Night


Three sentence review:

I caught 30 Days of Night on FX and realized it’s probably time for me to purchase this movie.  I love the graphic novel and even though the film gets mixed reviews, I’m in the fan club (but skip the sequels).  The scene where all hell breaks loose in the town is one of my favorite scenes in any horror movie… so who wants to take a trip to Barrow, Alaska with me?

Just you wait,


Night 25, Saw

31 Nights of Horror, Night 25:   Saw


Three sentence review:

Let’s all take a trip down memory lane and put ourselves in 2004 when Saw was first released.  I was in high school and vividly remember seeing the giant cardboard promo for Saw in the hallway of my local movie theater and laughing hysterically – “Seriously, a horror movie called Saw? How dumb will this be?”  I thought.  Thank goodness I went to see it in theaters, and because my expectations were so beyond low, I was literally in shock about how awesome the movie was when the credits rolled – and seriously, if I made movies that cost $5 million to produce and brought in $50+ million from the box office every time I would make 6 sequels, too.

I want to play a game,