31 Nights of Horror VII, Night 10: Terrifier

31 Nights of Horror VII, Night 10: Terrifier

More than Three Sentence Review (because it was my favorite of 2018!)

At some point in early 2018 I started seeing a ton of buzz among horror fans about a homicidal clown named Art and an 80s slasher inspired film he was in called Terrifier. I shelled out $5 to watch it via Google Play because pirating movies sucks and we should all support filmmakers pushing the limits in horror. I’m so glad I spent that money because Terrifier is easily my favorite horror movie of 2018.

It recently became available on Netflix and I was stoked to rewatch it. Because horror fans can sometimes be elitist hipsters, a lot of hardcore genre fans are tired of hearing about it. I’m not because I hope that director Damien Leone gets a ton of money to make a sequel.

Art the Clown is a welcomed addition to the list of slasher icons that was quite frankly beginning to get stale. The violence and gore are in your face and on par with the excess of 80s horror. The plot is minimal and I prefer it that way because Art is scary looking enough to stand on his own.

As you remember from the Scream franchise there are certain conventions or rules that a typical slasher villain follows. Art does follow some of these precedents but also breaks them in such fantastic fashion that I was fist pumping Jersey Shore style while watching. Needless to say, I’m a fan and look forward to Art’s next chapter.

A Sonnet for Art the Clown

I ran into Art the Clown

At a pizza shop open late

He sawed my friend’s body in half

A different woman’s face, he ate

His oil black teeth give me nightmares

His sketchy bag full of god knows what

The way he sits silently and stares

You know he’s about to fuck shit up

I used to feel bad for clowns

For causing fear instead of joy

But I get why Art causes frowns

That mother fucker is here to destroy

And if you see Art lurking on your street

Rest assured its your maker you will meet