Horror I’m Loving Right Now

Whatcha been watching, Katie? What’s worth my time? Well, I’ll tell ya!

Black Christmas (1974)

Can you believe I had never watched the original Black Christmas in its entirety? This past weekend I finally took the plunge and I can’t believe I waited so long. As of 5/21/18, it is streaming on Showtime Now, so “borrow” your parents or friend’s log-in info and get to watching. The inspiration to force myself to make time for this movie came from the most recent episode of the Shockwaves Podcast (which is great, by the way). In the episode, the Shockwaves crew talk about their picks for the scariest movies by decade, starting with the 1970s and going through today. My personal pick for the 1970s is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which one of the hosts also picked. Then someone began talking about Black Christmas and I realized I have never watched it. The film has a  surprisingly modern feel and it has aged extremely well. It’s also scary right from the beginning. The way that director Bob Clark films from the killer’s point-of-view is fantastically creepy. The phone calls are bizarre and disturbing. The killer is maniacal and insane without the exploitation of a specific mental illness. What I like most about this movie are the realistic reactions from the actors. They all do a great job conveying natural reactions to their situation. Don’t get me wrong, I love an awesomely bad movie (Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell is amazing, by the way) but it’s not realistic to think that someone is going to deliver an amazing one-liner after a group of people are brutally murdered. You’re going to mourn your friend/family member and you’re going to be terrified. Also – shout out to Margot Kidder for being all around fabulous and entertaining. She’s sensational in this film and reminded me a lot of Katharine Isabel in See No Evil 2 (which I LOVE). If you’ve never taken the time to watch Black Christmas, get on it immediately. It’s excellent.


Holy shit. Thank you for not giving up on Art the Clown even though All Hallow’s Eve didn’t get the greatest audience response. The hype is real if you love a good ol’ fashioned 80s splatter fest like I do. My favorite part about Art the Clown is that he doesn’t give a fuck about conventional rules of a horror movie killer. Terrifier is very much worth paying $5 to watch it on Google Play to support it. Quit pirating shit, ya turkeys. Fingers crossed that we get a sequel or ten.