Horror I’m Loving Right Now

Whatcha been watching, Katie? What’s worth my time? Well, I’ll tell ya!

The Strangers: Prey at Night 

Do me a favor and see this one in the theater if you still can. But first – get rid of any and all expectations of this ‘sequel’ being anything like its 2008 predecessor other than the killers wearing the same masks. It is not a somber portrayal of random, senseless violence. This one is pure slasher cheese – and it’s ridiculously fun. I am a lady horror fan of the heterosexual variety (a shame, really, because gay people are amazing) but let me tell ya, I think Christina Hendricks is super hot. I love that she’s in this movie. The centerpiece of this film is clearly the showdown in the pool between the Man in the Mask and Luke. It is the reason you need to see this on the big screen. My mouth remained agape because I was totally awe struck at the horror mastery of this scene. Yes, there are several scenes that will make you roll your eyes but get over it and enjoy yourself.


Holy shit. Thank you for not giving up on Art the Clown even though All Hallow’s Eve didn’t get the greatest audience response. The hype is real if you love a good ol’ fashioned 80s splatter fest. My favorite part about Art the Clown is that he doesn’t give a fuck about conventional rules of a horror movie killer. Terrifier is very much worth paying $5 to support it. Quit pirating shit, ya turkeys. Fingers crossed that we get a sequel or ten.