31 Nights of Horror VII, Night 12: A Quiet Place

Well hello there! Wondering where night 12 and 13 are? I’ve been in Louisville, KY for the wedding of one of my best girlfriends so did not have a chance to write. Fixing that now and then back to our normal schedule!

31 Nights of Horror VII, Night 12: A Quiet Place

Three sentence review:

To be clear, there’s no way I would survive the world in A Quiet Place because I snore like a jackhammer and would be killed immediately the first time I fell asleep. There are a lot of questions and plot holes in John Krasinki’s first foray into the horror/sci-fi/thriller genre but it is undeniably effective and suspenseful. In fact, nobody in the theater made a peep while watching this film and that speaks volumes (pun intended) to its success.