31 Nights of Horror V, Night 21: The Alphabet (Short Film)

31 Nights of Horror V, Night 21: The Alphabet (Short Film)

Three sentence review:

Anyone familiar with the works of David Lynch knows he’s into some epically weird shit. “The Alphabet”, a four minute student film by Lynch from 1968, is no exception (the last sequence is super terrifying). The creepy and bizarre take on the ABCs feels even more unsettling once you know it was inspired by the niece of Lynch’s wife who was observed singing the alphabet in a tormented way while sleeping.

Watch the entire strange short here:


31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 10: Videodrome

Three sentences review:

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome is one of those movies so ahead of its time that I wonder how crazy it must have been to watch it when it was first released (in this case, 1983). The president for a sleazy Toronto cable network happens upon a bizarre broadcast of violent S&M fantasies called “Videodrome”, and while unraveling the signal’s source soon begins to experience inexplicable and increasingly terrifying hallucinations.  It’s a pre-internet vision of the dangers of technological obsession, plus it features iconic horror make-up designer Rick Baker (just say yes to glorious, CGI-free 80s horror) AND the remarkable DEBBIE HARRY.

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