horror films

Night 2, The Sacrament (2013)

31 Nights of Horror, Night 2: The Sacrament (2013) Three sentence review: Just three years ago, an upcoming horror movie with Eli Roth at top billing would be enough to pique my interest –  but then I discovered budding horror auteur Ti West. West’s The Sacrament follows a young crew of Vice Media employees who visit a colleague’s sister in the utopian, […]


Night 1: Stage Fright (2014)

31 Nights of Horror 2014, Night 1: Stage Fright (2014) Three grammatically poor sentences review: There’s a certain niche audience for a slasher flick that takes place at a musical theater camp and features corny original songs, hyperbolic acting (intentionally, otherwise ironic), a masked serial killer who screams death metal while stalking victims, and Meat Loaf… […]