The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

Who saw the new trailer for The Purge: Anarchy during last night’s The Walking Dead season finale? What did you think? I reviewed The Purge in October and thought it was a victim of a fantastic concept but lackluster execution. Will the sequel fine tune the concept or fall flat? What do you think?

One of my immediate reactions was the bidding wars reminded me of Hostel! Anyone else?




Carrie 2013: An Elegy

I watched Kimberly Peirce’s remake of Carrie over the weekend. My reaction is best expressed through poem.

Carrie, Carrie

Quite Contrary

You ruled in ’76

Then some big director

tried to resurrect her

and it sucked a big bag of dicks

Sue and Kris were a great big miss

but Ms. Moore brought light to Ms. White

If you want a good gore fest

with Chloe Grace Moretz

stick to Kick Ass for a great fight

Sissy, sissy, we love you missy

and I even prefer the old mom

Your telekinesis scared us to pieces

and we’d much rather watch you at the prom!

I mean honestly, which image is more disturbing? CGM looks like she just got soaked while standing on the sidewalk by a drive by trucker who ran over a pond of pigs blood. Sissy Spacek looks like she’s about to CUT A BITCH!

Night 11, The Devil’s Rejects

31 Nights of Horror, Night 11: The Devil’s Rejects

Three grammatically incorrect sentences review:

There’s so much I love about Rob Zombie’s best movie to-date, The Devil’s Rejects, and I proudly consider myself a dedicated member of its cult following.   Sid Haig reprises his role as Captain Spaulding;  a psychotic, vulgar clown and patriarch of the Firefly family, and the movie focuses on the Firefly’s cat-and-mouse game with the ruthless local police department (meanwhile they run amok in a murderous rampage).  The Devil’s Rejects is equal parts grindhouse, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Manson family – nonsensical violence mixed with campy humor and lots of gore – and I’ll always wonder how Rob Zombie ended up marrying someone as pretty as Sherri Moon Zombie.

The awesome Bill Moseley as Otis, a merciless member of the Firefly family.
Ben & Jerry’s. Please. Release. This.

Chinese, Japanese, Dirty knees, Look at these,