31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 3: Would You Rather

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 3: Would You Rather

Memorable Quote: In case none of y’all have figured this out, this game isn’t about helping each other. It’s about eliminating the rest of you.

Three sentences review:

Would you rather stab your sick, elderly neighbor with a kitchen knife (in this case – June Squibb) or would you choose to stab yourself instead? This is just a sample of the horrific choices offered by multi-millionaire Shepard Lambrick (played by Jeffrey Combs, Re-Animator) to his desperate-for-money dinner party guests for his own amusement. Brittany Snow (who is no stranger to the horror genre) gives a strong performance in this surprisingly entertaining flick as a twenty something who vows to do anything necessary to save her sick little brother.


Night 3, Re-Animator

31 Nights of Horror, Night 3: Re-Animator (1985)

Three sentence review:

I’m not embarrassed to admit that this year was the first time I’ve ever seen Re-Animator (story by H.P. Lovecraft), but I definitely regret not getting around to it sooner. Re-Animator is, of course, the cult classic 80s horror comedy about the borderline-mad scientist Herbert West who crafts a concoction that resurrects the dead. However, Herbert, his roommate, and his roommate’s girlfriend can’t quite figure out how to keep the resurrected dead (including the perverted, headless Dean Halsey) from reanimating into kooky, brain-dead savages back for revenge.