Night 1: Stage Fright (2014)

31 Nights of Horror 2014, Night 1: Stage Fright (2014)

Three grammatically poor sentences review:

There’s a certain niche audience for a slasher flick that takes place at a musical theater camp and features corny original songs, hyperbolic acting (intentionally, otherwise ironic), a masked serial killer who screams death metal while stalking victims, and Meat Loaf… and that audience is ME. With a hackneyed plot, laugh-out-loud one liners, and just enough gore to gross out your guests, this is a perfect film to play in the background of your upcoming pumpkin carving party*. It’s not a remake of the 1987 Michael Soavi film, nor is it my favorite horror musical (that spot belongs to Repo! The Genetic Opera), but Stage Fright was definitely an entertaining, fun opener for the 2014 edition of 31 Nights of Horror.

The opener of Stage Fright already had me laughing.

Like a bat out of hell,


 *I am assuming your pumpkin carving party involves zero children