31 Nights of Horror, Night 30: KillerFlix (this is AMAZING!)

Instead of a movie review, I’m recommending an awesome resource. My incredible former boss and friend, Kim, just introduced me to the greatest thing ever: KillerFlix. Looking for some awesome horror suggestions? Look no further. This site has ALL of your horror recommendation needs. KillerFlix allows you to choose the type of horror movie you’re interested in watching (ghost story, scary, b-movie, funny, artsy, gory, violent, thriller, monster, slasher) then asks you if you care whether the movie is “good” or not. Then…voila!

You instantly have a thorough list of recommendations at your disposal. Not only does KillerFlix recommend movies for you, it allows you to watch the trailer, read a review, and also takes you straight to the Amazon instant video link where you can watch the movie.

Check it out! http://www.killer-flix.com/