James is Still Cool. He’s Always Been Cool.

**UPDATE: Ohhhhhh my god, I get it. “Bang Bang” bar. Chicks with bangs. Stellar bangs.**

It’s girls night at the Bang Bang Bar. The Chromatics are playing because evidently small town bars in the Pacific Northwest are the go-to places for emerging indie-electronic bands. Cocktails and laughs are suddenly interrupted by a glance at a cool, middle-aged man in a leather jacket. It’s James. He’s still cool. He’s always been cool.

Except, no. James is the worst character in the Twin Peaks universe and David Lynch doesn’t need to be throwing shade at all of his haters like that via Madchen Amick’s eternally youthful face. James sucks and he should feel lucky that I believe in second chances. We’ll see if his character has progressed from someone who gets involved in secondary soap opera story lines, the world’s worst type of alliteration.

Still, it’s fun to see the dive-y Bang Bang Bar’s evolution into a hipster paradise where the Rainiers are cheap and the dancing is peak whiteness. Episode four ends with Au Revoir Simone. The Bang Bang has a killer lineup this month. Will every episode in the Twin Peaks revival end with a bevy of sullen-eyed white women with fabulous bangs singing the electronic blues?

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