Fred Durst Made a Movie

It’s called The Fanatic and it’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime. John Travolta is the lead! My middle school crush, Devon Sawa, also stars in it.

I’m not gonna lie, I hate Scientology. It’s bullshit and it tears families apart. That being said, I am kind of here for John Travolta’s hyperbolic performance in this movie as a Misery level fan boy named MOOSE who stalks his favorite horror actor (I probably would’ve stalked Devon Sawa too in his Now and Then days.) I couldn’t look away from Travolta in this movie. He was so grimy but really interesting to look at, like an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper. Especially those bangs. OH, the bangs! THE BANGS. WHYYYY???

There’s a completely unnecessary narrator, a clumsy cast of supporting characters, and it’s a film directed by Fred fucking Durst. A weird twist makes for a sloppy ending. There are some questionable but also sort of fun illustrations that break up the acts of the film. WHY DID TRAVOLTA DO THIS?

I did love a very meta moment about Limp Bizkit. You know what though? All things considered, it wasn’t that awful. But, like, in a “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$” wasn’t that awful kind of way. In that, it actually is awful. You know what? He tried. I’m not mad about that. I can live with that. I guess.

Will Fred Durst make another movie? Is this the beginning of an era where *~NuMeTaL~* rockers from the late 90s become serious artists? God help us if Scott Stapp puts out a dark comedy.


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