31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 13: Tremors 5: Bloodline

31 Nights of Horror IV, Night 13: Tremors 5: Bloodline

Three sentences review:

Tremors 5: Bloodline is on Netflix right now, but it would be way more appropriate as a SyFy channel event. The re-cap at the beginning is a treat for fans of Tremors, and it’s got everything you want in the 5th movie of a franchise: international setting, awesomely terrible jokes, explosions, aging B list actor (Jamie Kennedy), worm guts, and of course, Burt – everyone’s second favorite co-star of Reba McEntire. It reminded me of Starship Troopers and Jaws 2 – beyond campy, but I loved it and strongly believe there need to be way more more monster movies, dangit.


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