Night 20, Hellraiser

31 Nights of Horror, Night 20: Hellraiser (1987)


Three sentence review:

When I was just a little girl growin’ up in the ‘burbs only a few things truly scared me: cockroaches, the wrath of my older brother if I was caught using his Playstation, and Pinhead from Hellraiser.   This movie could probably be best described by Stefon from SNL because it has everything:  a Moroccan puzzle box that serves as a portal to hell, a slutty serial killer who harvests blood to reanimate her former lover, an entire legion of sadomasochists known as Cenobites  (BADASS 80S MAKEUP EFFECTS ALERT), and oh, look what just walked in, “the human ribeye” – you know, it’s that thing where a dead guy lives in your attic and doesn’t have any skin.   This was Clive Barker’s first feature film and it’s terrific because it’s probably the only horror movie whose characters are appropriate costumes for Comic-Con and a porn convention.

We have such sights to show you,



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